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FC Write Up!

FC is over, it was fun. Don't really get PCD, but I'm like, "awww, it's over already? I was just getting into it!". Here's my write up!

Spent all of Thursday at home. Cleaned rat cages, finished my suit and helped my guests with theirs. We all put on our suits at different times to see what needed to be fixed. Then there were re-adjustments and another "dress rehearsal". Friday morning I got all the dog food and medication together as my awesome room mate Westly would be watching the dogs for me. Then I packed everything together and we went to the con. Crocuta drove. We packed 3 fursuits into the car, sewing machine, repair kit, clothes, computers, an ice chest, etc. 

We got down to the CC and parking was a breeze. We checked into the Marriot and found that we were on the 23rd floor. We had a confirmation that we were on the fursuit floor, but it wound up being "first come, first serve" anyway. It was a toss up between the 16th floor and the 23rd floor. Well, at least on floor 23 the elevator would be empty every time we had to go down, so we chose that. I was really happy with the room layout and I hope I can request to have the same room for next year. 

The good: Got to hang out with Areo Fox for a little bit (haven't in a few years). Got to wear a new suit to the convention as I really didn't like my old suit any more and it was too big on me and no were up on par on my work. I made that suit in 1 night, before FC in 2009, so it's been a while. Liked the Double hotel set up, they (saw some construction in between both hotels) might be building a third hotel too, which would be sweet. Elevators were not that bad considering the two hotels. Just avoid peek elevator times (when dealer's room closes, after major programming events) and you would be OK). Went to an awesome party too. Hung out with SteelJaw, she seems awesome. Nice to have another female hyena at the con.

The Needs Improvement: Fursuit lounge. It was tiny. the outside area was great, but no chairs. Inside the fursuit lounge was tiny and was crowded. I hear the Hilton had a no party policy too? Didn't do any parties in the Marriot, the plastic on the floor just invited kids to puke on it. The dealer's room needs to be bigger, but they probably couldn't afford another large room in the CC (convention center). and the CC had better lighting set ups than the Marriot for big events. Hopefully next year they can afford a large room for the dealers and headless lounge.

Other than that it was fun! It was a "run around con" so I wish I had time to fursuit more or hang out with more people. Ah well, once hyenas are safe then I'll have the time. Went to the beginning of the Bunnies Panel but left early for scheduling. Missed out on Lance's panels, due to running around trying to get things organized, but that's how it was this year.  

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