Hyena Girl (oats_a_plenty) wrote,
Hyena Girl

Happy New Years Post!

In 2011:

I lost 40 lbs. 

Made a ton of fursuit molds, new techniques and sculptures for realistic heads and parts. Canine, feline, a hyena and a dragon (dragon is property of the owner though, but more dragons will be out soon)

made a conscious effort to be more nicer to people and it's worked out great. 

Almost lost my dog to GDV, but caught it right away and all of his stomach and spleen is intact. His staples were suppose to come out last week, but he wasn't healed up all the way and the vet said to wait until Monday (tomorrow).

In 2012 I hope to:

Lost the last 10 lbs

Still have Hippo (my dog) the entire year. 

Be able to support myself and Crocuta with new fursuit stuffs.

Be  happy

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