Hyena Girl (oats_a_plenty) wrote,
Hyena Girl

Hippo is starting to feel better!

So last night he went back to the hospital and he stayed there over night. I called at 7 am and they told me the meds, Regulan and Cisapride, Prilosec and an anti-nausea were making him better. Because of the trauma to his stomach, the nerves that control gut motility aren't working as well. He started to eat for the vet and they were able to give him some antibiotics. Cro and I picked him up at 4 pm today and he seemed much better. His belly is very bruised now, but I'm told that is normal for the surgery. He's on 6 medications now, not counting his joint supplements which I'm holding off on until his current rounds of medications are complete. Some meds are given every 12 hours, some every 8. Some with food and some an hour before food is given. He doesn't want rice, cottage cheese, yogurt or milk. He's just eating chicken right now and pieces of hot dog that I put his pills in. 

Below is a reference in case anyone's dog gets bloat, here's what you may expect post-op (granted some dogs get surgery and do much better, some worse):

He's on:

Clavamox - antibiotic

Tramadol - synthetic opiate for pain

Gabapentin -neural pain inhibitor

Cisapride- gastro-prokinetic  that keep the gut motility rate going. This is used in conjunction with making him walk a couple of minutes every 2 or hours to keep things moving. 

Cerenia- anti-nausea 

Prilosec- antacid 

Here's the time table of medication:

6 am: Gabapenin & Prilosec
8 am Cisapride
9 am Tramadol
12 pm Clavamox (give with food)
4 pm Cisapride
5 pm Tramadol
8 pm Cerenia (no food 1 hr before or after)
12 pm Clavamox & Cisapride

Tags: bloat, canine, gastric dilatation volvulus, gastric torsin, gdv

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